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American Merit is a Roots Rock'n'Roll band from Texas. The lineup consist of Alex Smith, Daniel Lightfoot, Russell McClendon, and Evan Shepperd. A project two years in the making, American Merit has released four singles with plans of releasing much more. Expect loud drums and over driven guitars with a groove. If you were looking for it, you've found it...

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American Merit: Album One

About Music Benefactors

Since this bands conception, our main focus has been bringing you all the best product we can. Whether it be music, performances, videos, or artwork. There are countless hours of work behind everything you see or hear from us. We have explored every avenue to take this band to the next level and we have decided that the best path forward for our band's future is to remain independent with our music outside of the major label system. Having said that, doing so requires an investment in recording, marketing, advertising, and videos.  With the help of our managers, we have teamed up with a company called Music Benefactors to reach out to music fans to help enable us to spread our music to the masses. Different than a Go Fund Me campaign or other crowd funding companies, our proposal is based on investors receiving a perpetual royalty stream from our debut album. The total target amount to be raised is $100,000 with a minimum investment of $100. Those investing will be first to receive their initial investment back and then will receive a prorated share of 35% of income generated from music sales for perpetuity. We hope that those that have heard our music and became fans will support us in this endeavor. For further info, go to



Palestine, TX

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